Frequently Asked Questions about the TEFL Course

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Our TEFL course is designed for anyone interested in English language teaching and for those who are committed to a career as an English teacher to foreign students.

Have a read through these frequently asked questions and answers which may help to answer some of your queries or reservations about the TEFL course.

Although it is helpful and many students come from a teaching background, you do not need prior teaching experience to study on this course. All you need is enthusiasm and dedication to learn to teach.  You will be trained and given all the teaching tools and techniques required to prepare you for teaching English. You will also have teaching practice in a real classroom to give you experience and confidence. Once you have successfully completed the course, you will have a TEFL certificate which will allow you to teach English as a Foreign language abroad or at home.

Although our course does not require you to have a degree to enrol and study with us, many teaching opportunities in most countries will require you to have an obtained a degree in your previous education. If you do not have a degree and still want to pursue TEFL as a career, it may be a bit more difficult.

However, there are still opportunities to be found that require only the TEFL certification. We can help you find these options during your time on our TEFL course, because we are dedicated to helping you succeed.

You will likely be teaching English to speakers of many other languages from many different countries. The standard approach in EFL classrooms and one to one teaching is that only English is spoken. Sometimes it can be helpful to communicate with your students in their own native language to help them understand, but speaking English exclusively during lessons provides more effective learning. So speaking another language is not essential and is not required to enrol on this course.

There are several different paths you can choose to follow with a TEFL certification. You can teach independently in your own home to resident or homestay foreign students. You can travel abroad to teach either independently or in language schools or education centres. If you choose to continue training for business English teaching, you can teach a range of working professionals. Whatever path you choose, we can help you find and apply for placements through our many contacts abroad, giving you access to offers of potential TEFL jobs.

You do not need to be a native English speaker, but you do need to speak fluent English to take this course and teach English as a foreign language.

After the 2 day weekend training and teaching practice at our language school, you will continue your training in your own time with access to resources and online assessments and assignments along with self-evaluation tasks.

It is intended that you will spend a total of 100 hours on your study and exercises at home. You are given 6 months to complete the course. It is designed this way so that it will be easy to fit into your own schedule, and you decide how many hours a week you can commit. Over the 6 months, you would need to commit at least 4 hours every week to complete the 100 hours during that time, but you can of course do more.

Our highly trained teachers will be monitoring your progress, and our Director of Studies is always available to address any concerns or problems you may have regarding your time frame and hours during the programme.

You will be offered as much classroom teaching practice as you need until you feel ready to teach on your own.

However, if after the 6 months have passed and you have put in the hours and practice, but you feel you are still not ready and need additional time, you can attend the next available course for free.

You will need to be present for the 2 day weekend training to get you started and you need to be in a classroom for the observed teaching practice, but aside from that the continued training and assignments are all conducted in your own home in your own time, so it is essentially an online TEFL course in that regard with most of the work done and time spent in private study and online.

Every year, the course facilitates 5,000 graduates. But each classroom training session has a maximum of 8 students so you will have the advantage of more personal attention with optimum training potential.

The TEFL training you receive with this programme is very comprehensive and intensive. It includes a breakdown of all the elements required to teach English as a foreign language, including English grammar, vocabulary, phonology, reading and listening. And the best ways to teach all these elements.

The course also provides training on how to approach different students, learning styles and levels of English. It also teaches you how to motivate students, help them with difficulties and manage the classroom. You will be shown lesson planning strategies and various teaching techniques.

In your own private study you will have access to an archive of resources and you progress will be monitoried to help you continue to learn and practice. This will give you everything you need to be a qualified and successful EFL teacher.

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