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Sallie Durham- homestay- online teacher copy

About Sallie

Sallie has been been teaching English for more than twenty years to people of all ages and from all corners of the world. Sallie’s teaching delivery is wide-ranging: from large classes of teenagers, to young adults preparing for examinations; to older adults undertaking professional development (e.g. Air Traffic Controllers); from small groups of children, to parent/child learners. Sallie enjoys the the challenge of adapting to the needs of learners and thereby optimising their chances of success. She values each of her learners as individuals, whatever their age. She has welcomed many students into her home where they have lived as part of the family, learnt about English culture, and have been introduced to interesting places while improving their English through tailor-made lessons. Many students have benefited hugely through total immersion programmes and have enjoyed the experience so much that they have returned – and sometimes they have sent their relatives or friends.

More recently, Sallie has tutored a Greek lady wishing to improve her spoken English, and four teenagers preparing for English GCSE examinations. In the last three years she has worked with younger children, teaching English and art to French children during an extended stay in Corsica, and lately at a local primary school supporting a child with special educational needs, as well as reading, writing and spelling with other children. Sallie loves anything to do with arts and crafts and she has enjoyed running Art Club and leading art lessons.

Because of school closures, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Sallie is now tutoring and teaching via Skype and Zoom. Rapid changes in the way that education is being delivered, with a move towards combined learning (home and school) has resulted in a move towards more online teaching. Sallie has been retraining and updating her skills to adapt to the current situation – and beyond – so that she can support her learners to maximum capacity.

Sallie’s background is in advertising and marketing and she worked in London advertising agencies for several years before going to university as a full-time student. Following graduation, she became a voluntary teacher at a local college, helping adults improve their literacy skills, and then teaching English to a group of ladies from Hong Kong. She enjoyed the experience so much that she immediately began her teacher training. She holds an Honours Degree in English Literature; a PGCEA (Postgraduate Certificate in the Education of Adults); a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages); a PG Certificate in Creative Writing as part of a Master’s Programme. Sallie loves writing, as well as art. Her poems and stories have won prizes and been highly placed in competitions, many of which have been published. She is happy to offer one-to-one tuition in creative or academic writing.

When she isn’t working Sallie enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is married with one daughter, three cats and a dog. Their home is in rural Sussex surrounded by beautiful countryside – perfect for long walks with the dog! She loves cycling and tries to do a little every day (but isn’t so keen in rainy weather). Sallie enjoys travel, and meeting people. She also loves movies, books, scented candles and chocolate.

Any Other Languages?

French – intermediate

Academic Information

BA Hons in English Literature, Sussex University
PGCEA (Postgraduate Certificate in the Educations of Adults), Surrey University
PGCert Creative Writing, Chichester University
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Northbrook College

Additional Talents

Sallie is a published writer and has won several competitions for her stories and poems. She is skilled at mentoring and developing other writers, some of whom have gone on to be successful themselves. She is also able to help with academic writing, for example, essay planning.

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