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About Janis

Most importantly I am a 40-something mother of two young boys, Jordan and Jean. This has made me who I am – I love being a mother! My husband, Leon-Jacques, is an ecologist.
I am also a writer. I qualified in 1989 at Rhodes University with my BA in Journalism and English and have tried my level best to steer my writing into the conservation / environmental arena. This is now particularly important as the global environmental crisis heats up and we suffer the Sixth Great Extinction.
And lastly, I am also an environmental educator. I gained my Masters in Education (Environmental) from Rhodes University in 2003. I presently work as a copywriter in the cannabis industry.
I recently completed my Level 4 Certificate in Early Childhood Development to enrich my life and to be able to teach young children.
I would love to get all these skills to gel and one way is to teach children English!

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Location: Cape Town, South Africa | View a map of this location

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Academic Information

Qualifcation: BA Journalism and English, Med (Environmental Education), Level 4 Certificate Early Child Development

• Social Media: posting pertinent news for organisations and responding to posts; researching other social media platforms to match the competition.
• SEO and Content Writing: using key words to ensure companies are top in Google searches; researching latest SEO news and theories in an ever-changing environment; ensuring dynamic, creative and best copy for best search engine optimisation.
• English Language Comprehension: understanding the language to edit, proofread and change text into something better.
• Education: working with children and teachers to initiate learning at an Early Childhood Development Centre; tutoring young children to better understand their work; understanding what childhood development entails from Grade R to Grade 12.

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Family Information

Janis is married to Leon. He is a Climate Change Scientist. They have 2 small boys.

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