Learn English across the world on a Homestay

Learn English in a Homestay is part of English Langauge Homestays. We offer Personalised English language courses on 1:1 or 2:1 in an informal homely environment in your host tutors’ homes.

We have 14 locations around the world

We have Locations around the world where you can immerse yourself in beauty, culture and learning English.

You can enjoy an English language one to one learning experience at one of our many super locations across England, Scotland, Europe, Malaysia, New Zealand, France and South Africa. Our English language tutors are lucky to live in some of the best locations and enjoy the best weather you could hope to find, whether you are looking for a sunny coastline, wonderful countryside or vibrant cities.

Where do you want to study?

Choose from the top destinations to live and learn English


Brighton, UK

Brighton is our local town, so we have an abundance of Homestay Tutors available for you to learn English in a Homestay. Our Tutors are wide ranging and will help you to enjoy the wonderfully chic town and multicultural society, all whilst improving or learning English.
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London, UK

London is the capital of the UK and our array of homestay tutors for your English learning needs cover every level from beginners to business English and everything in between. Come along, bring your partner, your children, your parents. Every student who comes to us for homestay education gets to visit London for sure.
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Cornwall, UK

Cornwall is one of the great surfing capitals of the World. Blessed with more sunshine than the rest of the UK you should consider coming here if you want to combine learning English in a Homestay with some surfing. Or if not chase the King Arthur myth and see where it all happened in an English and Legends Homestay English Programme.
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Scotland, UK

Scotland is called `` Home of the Brave`` and if you choose to come here you will enjoy the varied culture, the rugged countryside and the beauty after the rain. Choose Edinburgh as a destination and enjoy the City, the surrounding countryside and stay with one of our Homestay Tutors who live close by.
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Wales, UK

Wales is often forgotten but should never be. It has forgotten deserted beaches where you can walk on the sand for miles and miles. The people are friendly and always available for long chats about the diverse Welsh history and culture. Choose Wales and improve your English by booking a Homestay Programme with or without our Culture Plus `` add on``.
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Corfu Island

Corfu, an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea, is defined by rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline.
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Ireland is the spiritual home of peace, tranquillity and rain. Beautiful landscapes, rolling hills and stunning beaches. Come and learn to surf, fish and sing. Homestay English Programmes for children & adults are available at four Irish locations throughout the year.
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Bordeaux, France

France is an ideal location to learn English if you wish to stay in mainland Europe whilst studying on a Homestay English Programme. Whilst in your chosen location of France, you will enjoy sunshine, good food, French culture and a fantastic English programme.
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Toronto, Canada

Canada is one of our more popular destinations to learn English and improve your ski-ing. Coming to Canada in the winter makes for a wonderful winter holiday - combining enjoying a popular sport and learning English. Our Tutors are all able to show you the ``really wild Canada`` and can combine winter sports with a Homestay English Programme.
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South Africa

South Africa, or more particularly, Cape Town, will offer you the chance to visit a fantastic country full of culture, wildlife and a diverse population as well as improve your English. Courses here focus on English plus either sports, conservation or history.
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New Zealand

New Zealand. Home of the long white cloud, but always sunshine. Choose from our choice of families in either the North or South Island where you will be taught English with a very British slant! The countryside is breath-taking and the Locals always friendly. Come in the European winter to enjoy English and sunshine from October to March.
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For students wishing to improve their English on a Homestay Programme but whoa re fascinated by the various diversity of Malaysia, then choose to come to Kuala Lumpur. Our very professional Tutors will help you improve English from beginners to advanced. Come and visit the Baku Caves or the beautiful beaches throughout Malaysia. You will be spoilt for choice
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Learn english in spain


Explore Spain while learning English. We have English host tutors in Valencia, who will give you excellent Homestay tutoring stay as well as the chance to experience Spanish culture. beautiful cities; wonderful beaches and hilltop villages. This area has it all. Our Tutors welcome children and adults on this Homestay Programme
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Learn English in Portugal Hoemstay


Many British Tutors have been drawn to Portugal for its beauty; easy living; sunshine and wonderful way of life. To Learn English here in Portugal is like learning English in Paradise. Come for the culture; the food; the wine; the sea and of course, the English
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