TEFL Course | Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Weekend Course

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TEFL Course | Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Weekend Course
  • 2-day weekend course suitable for individuals working Mon-Friday
  • 16 hours of classroom based training (8 hrs per day) during that weekend
  • Online Training Assignments.  Marked by your Course Tutor, not a Computer!
  • Total of 6 months to complete the online training in your own pace
  • UNLIMITED teaching practice with English Language Homestays – both shadowed & supervised with feedback
  • Career opportunities (classroom or Homestay teaching for English Language Homestays)
  • Opportunity of teaching abroad (Japan, China, South Africa) with our Partner Schools
  • Course run for small groups to provide each individual full support and attention

What is TEFL?

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) can be an exciting career path for those that desire adventure and being a part of a family dedicated to helping others. The course provides a wide range of tools needed for students to become excellent English Language tutors.

Who is this course for?

TEFL qualifications are made specifically for persons that have an interest in foreign languages as well as those that have prior teaching experience. The aim is to encourage those looking for a rewarding experience while working, to consider this programme. Thousands of people have opened their homes and hearts to foreign nationals and they have enjoyed every moment of it. The course is also structured for those that wish to experience new places and cultures, as the option will be available to teach English in other countries.

How are we doing this course

The course offers both physical classroom exposure as well as classes online for additional training and support. Students are exposed to content such as TEFL career paths and useful resources, lesson planning, challenges with learning the English Language, how to motivate and inspire students as well as details relating to grammar and vocabulary. The programme is carefully structured to facilitate as many aspects of teaching English as a Foreign Language.

The online classes provide needed reinforcement for students. Additional resources are made available and students are able to monitor their own progress and pose questions where help may be needed. Additionally, step by step assistance is given for all assessments that will be required on the virtual platform.

If students are uncertain of expectations, assignment due dates or any general misunderstandings, both the classroom and online systems will handle accordingly. Students are motivated to maintain consistent communication with tutors and administrators.

Course benefits

Each year the course proudly congratulates 5000 graduates. The course attracts needed attention because of the accredited TEFL classes and the quality courses that are experienced. Corresponding years have a rating based on the performance of the cohort for the course. Emphasis is placed on students grasping as much as they can, as a result, students have as much access to tutors as they can. Practice is encouraged until students feel confident in subject areas.

Course tutors with years of experience and as well as being native speakers are quite capable of providing the best learning environment.  Professional level teaching and processes are practised at all times and the same is expected from students.

The TEFL class gives a good balance for understanding how to teach different types of people and being mindful of how difficult such transitions can be. Students are taught to prepare themselves for expected challenges throughout the teaching experience.

Course offerings

The programme allows students 100 hours of immersion into tactics and principles of teaching the Language.  TEFL courses offer TESOL training which is a rather sought-after talent in the world of learning the English Language.  There is some amount of flexibility with its online TEFL course for those that may not always be available for a classroom sit down.

There are not many Language schools that assist students in finding the perfect teaching job. But here, students receive mentorship and job search guidance when the course is completed. Graduates, on participating in the TEFL certification course will automatically become a part of the international TEFL academy. This recognition will allow students the opportunity of choosing from a large pool of resources and potential jobs. A remarkable package including, hiring, the process, salaries and visas are taken care of by the institution; graduates simply need to make themselves available for the necessary steps and follow through.

Teaching English as a second or foreign language Course Fees

More details can be provided regarding course time frames and how your schedule can be accommodated. A cost of £245 covers a 2-day TEFL class and training course; a supplementary online portion is also included for added resources and support when needed.

Those that have a passion for the English Language will appreciate the aims of this course and its measure against international standards. TEFL certification for teaching English goes hand in hand with the international TEFL academy, that certifies English teachers. The teaching experience that will result from this TEFL Language course will certainly be worth it. Learn to teach English abroad with TEFL qualifications in the UK, it will be a journey worth taking to an exciting career!

With qualified TEFL Teacher – 15 hours2 Days
2 Day Course + Online Course Content£245

“ Subject to numbers of students attending. The minimum of 4 participants required to run the course. Full refund will be paid back to your account.”

If you have any questions, please take a look at our TEFL FAQ’s Page

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