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Our online General English course helps speakers achieve a recognised improvement in their English, regardless of their level. The course programme includes a Needs Analysis in order to establish individual aims and objectives. From this, a detailed, bespoke syllabus is designed especially for you to enable us to maximise your learning experience. As this is your own personal English Course, you can change the syllabus or programme at any time as your English progresses so the syllabus is flexible and can be adjusted throughout the teaching period.  The exact content of every programme differs, depending on the student’s differing needs and challenges but the basis of most on line courses will be verbal and written communication, social skills and cultural competence. We offer further on line reading matter as well as Homework should you wish.  Material from course books and daily publications such as newspapers and books is used extensively, as well as on-line video and audio clips. Reading and writing exercises are set regularly as homework tasks.    


General English courses are delivered on a one-to-one or small group basis, and follow a mutually agreed syllabus in a fairly formal and well-structured style dependent on your age, level and requirements.  However, this does not mean that lessons are delivered as a series of lectures! Constant verbal interaction between you and your teacher and/or other members of your group is vital in order to build the confidence which will enable you to speak English fluently with ease. You will, however, receive ongoing advice and guidance from your teacher, delivered gently, sensitively and in an email if required. It is during these interactions that any limitations are identified, with targeted exercises given as homework in order to strengthen areas of difficulty.  Indeed, the review and reinforcement teaching style forms an important part of the course.  


The General English course is suitable for students seeking to enhance their English for School or College, as well as socially for older Learners and those with an eye to future career prospects.  We can also prepare you for Exam English when your level improves significantly. With the recognition of English as the “lingua franca” of the global world, English has become their common corporate language.  

We have 3 types of Online English Tuition available to suit you



Individual bespoke lessons



Bring a friend & learn together



Small group classes to ensure plenty of inter action & conversation

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Price includes;English lessons with carefully inspected and qualified  TEFL Teachers. Agreed contracted number of hours tuition ( all units are a full 60 minutes, not 45!). End of Course Certificate. Progress Report and suggestions to progress further.

Here at Learn English in a homestay, we are dedicated to offering you the very best online experience we can.  We work with a very dedicated team of English Tutors who are experienced in both online training and teaching English.  Take a look at some of our Tutors who are currently available.

We have ensured we offer the most comprehensive range of teaching methods, to suit you, your family and your colleagues.    Our traditional English lessons have always been popular either individually or with a friend, but now we offer the chance to learn in small groups, such as our 4 – 2 – 1 Course.  Either attend with some of your friends or we will find other students from other countries to attend lessons with you.

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