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The online Exam English programme encompasses the Cambridge English Suite, IELTS, TOEFL and BULATS.  Every Exam English programme includes all four language areas: listening and reading (receptive skills), writing and speaking (productive skills). Material is used from appropriate level course books and sample test papers, as well as video and audio clips. Courses run from 10 hours to 30 hours or longer, depending on student requirements and time constraints.   


Online Exam English courses are delivered on a one-to-one or small group basis, and follow a structured syllabus which covers the appropriate level of language skills (e.g. grammar, vocabulary, fluency, interaction) required for the selected exam. The syllabus is flexible and merely provides a framework upon which to build specific and bespoke course content. Targeted exercises are set regularly as homework tasks where areas of difficulty have been identified. All four language skills are constantly revisited and reinforced throughout the course in order to retain knowledge and build students’ confidence in their language ability.  Your tutor will constantly demonstrate a patient, friendly and empathetic attitude, offering suggestions and encouragement in every learning situation.  


Many students take an Exam English course in order to enhance their prospects of gaining a place at a college or university which offers programmes in English. Such places are in great demand, and therefore students with a high level of academic English increase their chances of studying the course of their choice, in a country of their choice. Other students take the course to further their own personal goals, or with a view to living and working in an English speaking country.  Whatever the reason, an internationally recognised Exam English qualification can lead to goal achievement and personal satisfaction. There is no minimum English language entry requirement, with courses ranging from A1 (beginner) level exams, to C2 (proficient) level exams.

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We have 3 types of Online Exam English Tuition available to suit you



Individual bespoke lessons



Bring a friend & learn together



Small group classes to ensure plenty of inter action & conversation

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Price includes;English lessons with carefully inspected and qualified  TEFL Teachers. Agreed contracted number of hours tuition ( all units are a full 60 minutes, not 45!). End of Course Certificate. Progress Report and suggestions to progress further.

Here at Learn English in a homestay, we are dedicated to offering you the very best online experience we can.  We work with a very dedicated team of English Tutors who are experienced in both online training and teaching English.  Take a look at some of our Tutors who are currently available.

We have ensured we offer the most comprehensive range of teaching methods, to suit you, your family and your colleagues.    Our traditional English lessons have always been popular either individually or with a friend, but now we offer the chance to learn in small groups, such as our 4 – 2 – 1 Course.  Either attend with some of your friends or we will find other students from other countries to attend lessons with you.

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