English Language Course for Seniors (55+)

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English Language Course for Seniors ( 55+)


If you now have more time to enjoy learning new languages then do consider our new Language Course, especially for mature students. This is a programme ideally suited for senior participants and students 55 years of age and above with a specific interest in both culture and the English language.  A true Social programme with your English Course


Learning English can be a fun and fulfilling experience which is not just reserved for the younger generation. We run English courses, from beginner to advanced levels, and some of these are specifically for the over 55’s that combine learning with short breaks in the UK or South Africa.

An English language homestay can offer you the chance to take English lessons; practice in an informal friendly environment and experience different cultures and locations.


  • This course has been especially designed for mature older students, aged 55 and over,  who wish to improve their English
  • Those looking to experience the English and/or South African way of life
  • Those looking to explore the countryside and scenery while improving their English language knowledge.
  • A full cultural experience, second to none alongside your English Course.

If you want a new challenge then enrol on one of our English language homestays and discover the fun of learning English all over again. It’s also an ideal opportunity to:

  • Visit England or Cape Town for a stimulating and meaningful short break in your tutors’ home and thereby experience a true English homestay
  • Refresh and improve your command of English or get you off to a great start
  • Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of your chosen country and culture by living and learning with your tutor in their home
  • Visit places in England or around The Cape of South Africa that are historic and of interest to you. Should there be specific places you wish to visit and talk about in your English lessons, this can also be arranged.

And don’t forget, lessons are all Units of 60 minutes, not 45 minutes!

What else is offered with this course?


We find our mature students prefer to learn with a tutor of similar age with similar interests. Therefore, wherever possible, we try to match you to a tutor that achieves this. As a homestay student you will be staying in your tutors’ home and after lessons you will have the opportunity to continue to practice your English over meals or an afternoon walk.   We also ensure you have some private time to read; relax or explore the local area yourself. 

You can also be sure that our Tutors are well rounded individuals.    Have excellent teaching/TEFL qualifications.  Able to converse generally about a variety of subjects and have good local knowledge. Their homes have been inspected by us and are of a suitable standard for adults.   Often private bathrooms are available. 


For those looking for something a little different, we offer an English Homestay Plus Culture programme. This includes a General English programme with 4 guaranteed visits to local places of interest depending on the area you choose per week

 A suggested Programme for Sussex on our English plus Culture would be:

  • 15 hours per week formal English lessons
  • 4 visits to local places of interest depending on the area you choose
  • 5 hours of informal conversation a week with your Tutor
  • Full Board Accommodation
  • End of Course Certificate and Progress Report


You can come alone or with a friend; your husband; wife; brother or sister

The two-to-one package is where both students stay with the same tutor and share the English lessons and activities


Duration : From 15 hours

Skill level : All levels

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  • Duration From 15 hours
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